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Five Most Common First Time Home Buyer Questions

Buying a home is no doubt one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It starts out magical and with ALL. THE. FEELS. The idea of a fresh start, a better location, new furniture…. and oh all the possibilities of shiplap!

….mostly, the excitement of owning something that is YOURS.

Then the panic sets in and you are suddenly overwhelmed with all the unknowns. Where do you even start? There are many steps to the process and you will no doubt have many questions along the way.

To give you a little head start here are the top 5 questions we get asked by first-timers….

We work with many first time homebuyers and our team specializes in tailored and personalized service. We are there for you throughout the entire process, right down to every panicked 3am phone call. Yes…. you WILL make them, and yes we WILL be here. We aim to make the process as stress and worry free as possible.

Bonus Tip: Attention ALL THE PEOPLE – do NOT go buy a new car, MacBook, mountain bike, furniture or anything that requires more than one signature and includes a finance charge. You can use your bank account to pay for normal things… but do not charge a single thing until you have those keys. Tattoo a reminder on your arm if you have to.

… up “That one time my client financed new appliances 3 days before closing then everyone was sad and cried.”

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