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March Into Spring: Refresh Your Home and Prepare for the Season Ahead!

Outdoor furniture can get grimy during the winter months, so give everything a good scrubbing before you start using it. Launder any washable cushion covers and replace any worn pieces as needed. Inspect everything for any damage before use! 

Remove any leaves or other debris that may have gathered in your gutter system over the winter. This will help your gutter system be ready for any spring showers that may be on their way. Overflowing gutters or blocked downspouts can not only damage your siding, it can also damage your foundation if it goes unaddressed long enough. Look into getting some gutter guards installed if you have tall trees in your yard. 

Remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated on the big metal outside AC unit, which is also called the condenser. This will help your AC continue to work efficiently through the changing seasons. Hook up a garden hose and spray the condenser down. The water should melt away any gunk. You can also blow away looser debris from the condenser with your leaf blower if you have one. 

With spring right around the corner, March is a great time to spruce up your home! Think of it as an intro to Spring Cleaning. Knocking a few items off the list in March will give you the peace of mind knowing that your home maintenance game is ahead of the curve! Check out these handy home tips that will keep your home prepared for the rainy season, if we get one this year. 

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